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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> hope off good evening everybody. dan has the night off. >> authorities say fire that destroyed 2 homes severely
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damaged 3 others in fairfield today started in a grassy field along i 80. that fir was reported just after 3:30 this afternoon at home on mary gold drive. fire quickly spread throughout the neighborhood because of wednesday that were guinging 200 firefighters from 7 department work together to contain the fire. about 50 people forced to leave their homes because of an evacuation other. one map arrived from work just in time to watch his house go up in flames. >> i just got home as the fire was cresting in the back yard and watched everything go. >> so sad. firefighters were able to safety homeowner dog. animal was hiding. in the back yard dog house. nobody was injured in the fire. turning to the rim fire near yosemite. grown to become the seventh largest wildfire in california state history. still is a huge challenge for firefighters. it spread across additional 30,000 acres and flames now reach the
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hetch hetchy reservoir inside yosemite national park. john near the fire line tonight with more. >> about where they try to stop it at the ridge top of cracker ridge. >> even though grove land near the area where the fire is contained there are still concerns. schools in tuolomne couldn't closed yesterday and today and parents got word no classes for the rest of the week. the massive fire has enveloped much of tuolomne county in thick smelly blanket of haze. >> really smokey but because lots of smoke everywhere. >> safety because of all the smoggy sunt say smog but the smoke has been really terrible up here. i and i am sure they are worried about the children with respiratory problem. >> rim fir drop ash the reservoir exploratorium primary water source. the city says
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that hasn't affected quality because water is withdrawn 260 feet below the surface. it heads down these large lines on the way to the bay area. the water department was already draining water from the hetch hetchy before the fire but is now taking even more and storing it as precaution. the fire has destroyed more than 100 structure so far stressing out anyone who owns pro the in the fair zone. dan courtney lives from san diego. >> finally they said kilometer through on monday so i drove all nature sunday got up here but pretty apprehensive knowing that some property is burned on the road. only 12 cabin there sought odds are not too good but quite a relief there seeing my place is still there. >>reporter: cost of the fire jumped above 27 million dollar dollars. in the yosemite more than 20,000 acres of burned but such a small portion of the park which is still open. into tuolomne, abc 7 news. >> the as john mentioned there
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the fire has now reached hetch hetchy. concerns about the bay area water supply appears to be difficult miniissuing. officials reduced the threat of contamination by increasing the transfer of water from hetch hetchy to other reservoir by 10% and because hetch hetchy terrain is so rocky also risk of contamination this within the frer mud slide. also the kirkd with power house well to the north of the fire but one of 2 san francisco hydro-electric plant knocked off line now repaired. hazardous tree must be cleared away from transmission lines before power flows again. officials promise there will be no interruption of electric service. >> spencer has a look at live doppler and conditions at the fire site. >> okay. start with live doppler 7 hd. look at the bay area of course but travel over to the sierra and in the area of the fire here are the currentintergrove land which isf course nearest reporting station to the fire. temperature 72 degrees so mild.
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relative humidity 34 percent not very low not very dry. win not a factor at this point at least generally across the year. out of the west north west at 7 miles per hour and no strong gust but of course near the actual fire fire more intense their gust that created by the fire themselves. however gemly speaking the weather is not a factor that will inhadn't the fire fighting effort. air quality is a kevrnlt warning in effect until noon tomorrow for rather expansive area near the fair because of smoke continuing to billow in the atmosphere and of course that could pose a health hazard. continue monitoring this for you and updates later. larry. >> thanks very much. >> coverage of the sierra fire continues on line. we post the latest video on our web site at 7 also on the site 7 way you and your family can get ready for major fire. posted advice from l this site and keeping our twitter followers
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updated with the latest information on the sierra fire at abc 7 news bay area. >> bay bridge closure and less than 24 hours away from it now. for 5 and a half days you need to make other plans forgetting from the east bay to san francisco. if you haven't thought about it yet now is a good time to start. bridge will close tomorrow tonight at 8:00. may not reopen until early in the morning on tuesda tuesday. 7 news transportation reporter heather is on treasure island for us again fit with a look at the travel alternative. >> during the bay bridge closure -- >> all right obviously we have had a little bit of a problem with heather report we'll try to get back that video and bring it to you but we'll move on for now. >> even though the first full day closure not until thursday you mit want to avoid the bay bridge tomorrow as well particularly in the evening. we have a shot of traffic at the sky way approach. this is about 45 minutes ago. very slow going. highway patrol is
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likely to begin closing the on ramp to the bay bridge approach well before tomorrow night 8:00 o'clock schedule shut down time now. if you do which is to drive the exclusive abc 7 news ways app will help guide you through the traffic. show you what it can do for you this weekend litter on in this newscast. >> intersection in livermore water blocked for several hours today after a police pursuit of stolen glass truck. driver refused to stop and hit 3 other vehicle before the truck ended up on its side. 5 people were treated for minor injuries and 43-year-old arthur transient from oakland arrested for auto theft alluding officers as well as drunk driving. >> if danville grief counselors on hand for first day of school at san are monvalley hay school. sad day. 17-year-old roberto land 0was to be starting his senior year today killed in car crashless nature. accident occurred just before 9:00 p.m. on el capitan near
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about clare dry. orlando was riding in a car with two classmates. they ran off the road crashed into a tree and then went through a fence. students at san ramone valley are devastated. >> i went to the lake with him and few family friend of his and i just he was so funny and he just like lit autopsy room. so cool. >> if driver and another passenger are in the hospital. being treated for broken ribs as well as broken leg. investigators don't think that alcohol or drug were his a factor but they say speed may have been the cause. >> want to bring you back to that heather report. you know about the bay bridge closure set for 8:00 o'clock tomorrow tonight and what are you going to do for alternative to get across from the east bay into san francisco. here's heather report. st. >> during the bay bridge closure bart will be running hourly service overnight from 14 stations across the system. >> we can't really run more
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frequently because it's kind of a skeletal staffing that we have and we just want to provide a life line service. >> the san francisco bay ferry saw ridership jump from the afternoon 6000 to 20,000 a day during the bart strike and adding service with that scenario in mind. ac transit will only be taking transbay passengers as far as an east bay bart station. >> for us relatively simple. obviously our service is predicated on having a bridge since we don't have a bridge we weren't have much service running across the bridge. >> there is a bility positive the new bridge could open before it's scheduled for 5:00 a.m. tuesday but. >> we haven't closed the bridge we didn't know how quickly construction is going the manufacture along and we don't want people planning their routes around the bay area based on a what if scenario. with only hours remaining until the old bridge is out of service forever bay area resident are kilometer to treasure island camera in hand to say goodbye. and capture
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the time moments for the children memory. >> she has been witnessing this being built for her entire life basically and it's amazing. and she will barely remember i think the old bridge. this will be long gone when she's a driver. >> diane was 10 years old when the earthquake set in motion events leading to the new bridge. today she and her brother brought their on one-year-old naomi and alean a snap shot of history before it's gone. >> i will miss this. i experienced my first job crossing that bridge. even my first car accident. >> i'm not so sure. new bridge will have shoulders first ever shelled sore hopefully when there is a car accident won't back up traffic as badly as it disnow. for more on bart labor day closure weekend schedule go to our web site abc 7 on treasure island, abc 7 new news.
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>> he thanks. once the bridge work done one of the largest tools used in the construction will manufacture on to new task. lefty the left coast lifter. large piece of the bay bridge new span is lifted. largest crane ever used on the west coast in the united state states. 400 feet tall. 3 28 foot crane. lefty can lift more than 3 and half million pounds. fix project will be to help build a new 3 mile long bridge in new york. lefty roc rocks. okay. >>. >> bay area job fair with a twist. will higher design company group of employee they want to target. >> major car company shifting a race to develop a driverless car and putting it into high gear. when nissan says it can gear. when nissan says it can have self driving
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he. >> that is definitely going to be a future gem by the way. police chp coast girt and other bay area agency join force to clean out the he can land east
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fewary. issuing warnings to boaters squatting on the bay. we show you the large team of police assembling before the operation to clean up the water way. officials said the oakland is littered with abandoned vessels some anchored to the shore with people living in them. boaters argue they are not bricking the law. they say they will fight the warnings to leave within 30 days or risk lasting their boa boat. >> dozens of hiring manager attended reverse job fair toda today. learn how to how they can hire military veteran. representatives from company like facebook, dream work, wells fargo attended the summit in san francisco. they saw how skills learned in the military can be useful in a business environment. >> not only l outreach employ educate tran but retain veteran and in high demand and fulfilling contrary position. >> workshop put on by an
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organization this provides assistance to veterans. >> nissan announce plans to have a self thriving car ready for sale by the year 2020. company released this video of prototype. nissan has team of injuries working on the project along with experts stanford, mit, another top university. company building a mcup of a little town in japan to test self driving cars probably a good idea. don't want them crashing if real people and buildings. set to be finished the end of next year construction of the town. nissan says the driving system will includeliser scanner camera and artificial intelligence. google has one of the vehicle you see it driving around. you of course are chauffeur driven everywher everywhere. >> exactly. i appreciate your effort on my behalf. >> i do have the yawn fovrment. >> i don't make it with the ca cap. >> not of day any way. >> washington is happening. >> it's lacking great. going in the labor day weekend things look promising. we have mainly
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clear skies across the if sky. cloud on the coast license and so far this evening they remained pretty much near the coast. leif view from our high definition emeryville camera on the east bay and clouds back at the coast license but clear view of the bay bridge and much of the san francisco sky line 60 degrees san francisco 64 oakland redwood city, 66 los gatos and 59 half moon bay. live view from mount tam natural bay. finger fog moving through the golden gate there but not much movement of the marine layer right now. 65 santa rosa 64 napa and no have the 0. 66 in fairfield. concord 68. one more hiv view from the high definition east bay hills camera and once again under clear sky forecast feature area of fog clouds low clouds mainly near the coast and bay tonight. mild to warm. in twox day actually next 3 day. friday up near 90 inland but cooler pattern settle in for the weekend. radar
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composite image shows a little bit of a dip in the jet stream. also a dip in our high pressure slight different temperature drop-off 2 to 3 degrees from where they were today from the coast to the inland area but still mild to warm tomorrow. over nature tonight if you pchs of fog moving beyond the coast lip. low pressure mid upper 50's to relatively mild over tonight period then tomorrow mainly sunny south bay. high at 79. santa clara 80. san jose 87. morgan hill, peninsula 79 degrees at redwood city and mount view on the coast low to mid 60's. 64 half machine bay. downtown san francisco 68 degrees tomorrow. 64 in the sun set district. up in the north bay for mainly low 80's. 82 at santa rosa. nap a.sonoma. on the east bay we is he oakland reaching 72 degrees. 74 san leandro. 76 castro valley and free mont. inland east bay nice and warm tomorrow but not hot. generally upper 80's. 88 at walnut creek. 87 livermore.
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80 at fairfield and 88 at antioch. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. taking us right on through labor day weekend. warmest day in the forecast is fridayen lapped hay up around 90 degrees and low to mid 60's on the coast. cool down pretty sharply over the wean. sunday monday labor day will be relatively cal day compared with the rest of the of the forecast period only low 80's inland. mid 70's around the bay and 60 on the coast but not expecting rape few extra clouds. cool down don't change your weekend plans if you want to be out doors it's a pleasant weekend for going outside. just not a very, very warm one. we start to warm-up again tuesday wednesday of next week. all things considered very nice forecast to have. >> of course i'll be parked waiting for instruction. >> i'll have a list of them. >> okay. things to go and do. >> we are busy is that still to come. apple reportedly ready to give the customers a new pevrjt company will encourage i phone users to upgrade. >> story really renew your
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faith in the honesty of people. kind of
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on the air. in the air. >> if you are into new began it the 5 s is come out soon. apple store allow i-phone owners to trade in the old phone for credit toward new one. according to multiple reports the program could go into effect around apple september 10 he convenient when the new i phones expected to be introduced. people who bring if older phone i-phone 4 or 4 s would get a gift card that could be applied to i-phone 5. not clear whether earlier model such as i-phone 3 or 3 g would be eligible for these trade instance. >> new to lesson in honesty
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that was captured on camera. 4 friends stop at local store in new jersey only to discover the place was actually closed. it was them. alone. in the stor store. what they did next has store workers pleasantly surprised. from our sister station in new york with the story. >> there they are. bruce thoip thomas james and kelly moore 4 friend caught on security camera as they with some hesitation walk in buddy small store which they did not realize had closed for the day. >> there's a locking system that goes into place and that just didn't take. >> after shopping for about 10 minutes and thinking how straingt is that no one else is around kelly is the fires walk up to the counter. having not been able to find anyone and waves the cable he's buying and his money at the security camera. puts the money on the counter and turns to leave. >> they didn't steal anything. they didn't ransack the place. >> as he is about to leave thomas james then finds some
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double a battery at pretty good prison. pulls out his money. also waves it at the camera. in total 5 dollars 80 cents right there. guy even figuring the tax. >> need to pay a little bit more. go in the pocket and put pr money on the counter. >> where does this happen? >> the last camera catches the university students as they leave the store and leave a video lesson in honesty. >> i think it's awesome. because that's what you would hope would happen but that's wonderful. >> i show the 4 guys the 3 different shots. in which they the were in the store waving the money at the security camera. bit later we hear of the amazing experience. >> they say we are going to lose i was scared. we are going to lose this ain't wrong oh, man. >>reporter: they are great. at least a few honest people left in the world. tim reporting. amazing experience he mention. we the store owner were so gritful for the friends honesty that they were treated to a free shopping spree at
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that store. >> still ahead. porrait of russia president. confiscated from museum there. look at the painting and why it could be the latest target in gay propaganda crack down. >> military action against syria closer. war ships in position awaiting orders. is syria capable of hitting back if america decides to strike? >> then the obama administration pledging billions to get the nation wired with high speed internet. so why is millions in equipment not being used? sz.ther half hour of 7 new
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>> tonight white house says 90 million tear action against syria will be limited and won't
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be aimed at forcing assad from power. syrian leader accused of killing tens of thousands of his own people. martha is in the middle east with the latest. >> he is the man at the center of the horror. brutal dictator who the vice president said today is undeniably responsible for gasing his own innocent people. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for the heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. syrian regime. >> tonight there seems no question that the u.s. is ready to strike a punishing blow to assad. u.s. war ships in place. cruise ship at the ready target in syria selected. >> come ready to go like that. >> we are ready to go like tha that. >> but what might assad do in response? syrian regime has hundreds of tons of mustard gas and large stock pile of a missiles and
9:31 pm
rocket and thousands of powerful asked missile that could reach any target in neighboring israel. today here in israel a run on gas mask. requests increasing fore foley. rael prime minister saying israel is ready for any scenario. and if we identify anything attempt whatsoever to harm us we will respond in strength. there is no one stronger in this region. nuclear armed israel has the motor advanced ballistic missile, cruise missile and missile defense system making experts believe assad would be crazy to try to hit israel. >> so might create an opportunity for israel that they would be glad to take advantage of and perhaps assad would rue the day he gave them this opportunity. >> but if azard is mad man enough to rain chemical down on his own people knowing the possible consequences, there is
9:32 pm
no telling what he will do if cruise missiles start raining down on his own regime. >> that was martha reporting. now to russia where police raid add new art gallery known for supporting gay rights. confiscated painting of russian president putin. here it is. shows putin in women underwear t.seems standing there behind russian perimeter. police took a total of 4 paintings from the museum after receiving a call that they may illegal. museum owner also says it had been shut down. you may recall this past june putin signed into law banning what the country calls gay propaganda making it illegal to even speak about homosexuality to children or display a rainbow flag in public. >> law enforcement agency worldwide returning to facebook as tool to investigate crimes and activist. social networking giant says government agency in 74 different country demanded
9:33 pm
information on about 38,000 users in the first half of this year. about half of those orders came from authorities in the u.s. facebook is the latest tech company to rae lease figures on how often government seek information about about customers microsoft and google have also done the same. >> nfl player association going after new england patriots over money apparently oweed to murder suspect aaron hernandez. former patriots tight end. union filed a grievance on hernandez behave to force the team to pay 82,000 dollars in off soap work out bonuses. patriots cut hernandez on june 26 following his arrest on murder charge. he's pleading not guilty. player association says it failed the gravy answer to ensure the league isn't able to withhold money from other players in the future. >> george zimmerman lawyer wants the state of florida to could have his client legal expenses. o'mera says because zimmerman was found not guilty florida law requires that the state pay all of his legal
9:34 pm
costs. he put the number between 200 and 300,000 dollar dollars. jury acquitted the between-year-old zimmerman last month of all charges in shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> governor has expensive plan to reduce prison overcrowding in an attempt to comply with federal court order. governor brown plan would lease private prop jail cell in california and other statesen steady of releasing inmates now in custody. that plan would cost 315 million dollars this year and 700 million over two years. state has until theen of the year to comply with the order. supreme court found the california prison health mental care was so poor that it violated prisoner rights. >> city of san jose got a little bit greener. city council members voted today to ban styrofoam have had containers from restaurant. becomes the largest california city to eliminate foam containers. l vick lee has the story. >> mayor reid voted with
9:35 pm
majority. >> step towards zero waste one of the long-term goal and good for the environment as well. >> constant one of 2 council members who voted no. >> we finally have the signs of economy starting to rebond and we are putting yet another government burden on them. >> most of the strnt owner west spoke with object to the ban on about this. robert samuel calls it government meddling gone wild. >> i know we are trying to help keep the planet green and everything but they have to do it where they help us as well as business. >> cost more than the regular desires foychlt victor is one of the critic. he runs a vietnamese restaurant here. object to the ban because of the cost of convert to go non-foam alternative. paper or ridge id plastic containers. san jose studying a ban on foam containers for years. they
9:36 pm
claim that cutting out this actually saves money by reducing the amount of trash thus restaurant garbage collection rates. environmentalist say styrofoam food wear doesn't breakdown easily and banning improve water quality if stream and ba bay. joe runs burger pwavrment he uses the more costly paper containers. but says it's worth it. >> it's business should bear this cost. part of our social responsibility to be more environmentally aware of what we are doing. >> small mom and pop restaurants will get a break. those making less than 300,000 dollars a year will be exempt from the ordinance. vick lee, 7 news. >> millions of there are of high speed router sitting useless in a closet. and your tax dollars paid for. up next. news to top white house official for some answers. >> have you ever seen the also guy here. on the bridge.
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story behind the bay bridge story behind the bay bridge mystery unbelievable.
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>> government program spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money so you can work faster on line. but what about the 1 million dollars we found going to waste in just one closet? enough money to pay for does he says of teachers. david on the says of teachers. david on the case of a costly program >> speed. we civ it on the internet. fast connection. and we need it to remain competitive in a global economy says the president. >> harness the full power of the internet that means faster and more widely available broadband. >> spread broadband across the country government came up with 7 billion dollars and thousands of communities have been hooked
9:41 pm
up. but take a look at this. these boxes stacked up in west virginia closet are blazing fast high speed router. you paid for them the. 20 grand each. they are unused. the state bought too many and the wrong ones. one and a quarte quarterer million dollars just in this closet gathering dust for nearly three years now. enough for a year teachers. the that's not all. congressional investigators question other spending asking if up to 230 million dollars was wasted. >> people dollars we are deal w.none of it should be wasted. in this case it's object scene. >> west virginia alone 14 million dollars wasted according to the state auditor there. and critic worry about where the money was spent when they did use the routers in west virginia, they put some in places like this. the small community library in shepherd town. less than 5000 annual visitors to this library who now have screening fasten net service but 2 local high school
9:42 pm
near by got none of those fast routers. >> of course high school should get it. >> i don't think the government really does a good job spending money at all. >> is the government doing enough to make sure the money is well spent? we went to ask a top obama administration official responsible for most of the spending. larry strike land. >> can we ask a couple questions before the hearing. >> not before the hearing. i have to prepare thank you. >> but after being grilled by members of congress the. >> what do we have for 2.8 million dollars. >> he refused to stop. he did defen the program. >> majority of the projects quit happy with the program. >> happy? members of congress say they still can't get answers. they asked how much really was wasted abc news washington. >> the new bay bridge span not even open yet but already a big debate what to do with one special part of the old span. we have video. few people drying on the bridge know on the north side is the little
9:43 pm
metal figure. the patrol was welled on to the bridge by workers as good luck charm after the 1989 earthquake. if you want to see it close-up the museum of california has an exact replica on display made from the same cast. >> closure of the bay bridge less than 24 hours away from now as we mention sure to wreck havoc on many commuters. tonight jonathan has a look at how the exclusive weighs app gear up for the shut down. >> drive to work. >> driving to work. >> if you already use the 7 news ways smart phone app when you complete to work you are ahead of the game. because come thursday morning that's about the only thing that won't change. this week you can see the new bay bridge finished waiting off to the right of the old bridge. to get from here to there 5 day closure of the bridge will likely send every other bridge into grid lock. just the sort of thing people behind way prepare for. >> mega traffic event. around the world. so that included the pope visit to rio tour de
9:44 pm
france and bay bridge closure is exactly one of those thing. >> way has special page on the web site for the bay bridge closure. link on our site t.actually see a leif map with all of the reports that are coming in as well as an update as to when things are opening. >> folk say they couldn't be more ready in part because there are more bay area drivers using way than the last time the brim was closed. more drivers means more accurate data. >> all you have to dies turn on wave and drive. continue have to report anything we can tell the speeds on each of those roads, routes in relevant time. >> uses data from thousands of smar phone to tell when one bridge back up and rae route to another one if faster and makes it easy to report traffic jam hands free. >> report traffic. reporting traffic jam. >> join the 7 news traffic spotters group those reports can help with our on air coverage and help other way users and now that ways has moved into the new dig on the
9:45 pm
google campus traffic report will even show up on the google map with many smart fons. >> we help you find the best route. in addition information is going to be seen more broaderly and help many, many many more people. >> even if in the exactly flying through traffic you can still be a traffic super hero. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> traffic some really consolidate little icon. down load the way app on our web site. also findment of other resource force finding way in san prison for the next 6 days. >> well strange sight in las vegas. city filled with them. up next on 7 news at 9:00. walk the strip. lack what's causing massive
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>> look like snow but what you see is foam. mounds of it. spewing from storm drains in las vegas after a downpour on sunday of. foam seeping into the street even covering cars there. officials say the foam is caused by left over fire retardant stuck in the drainage system. they claim that it is not talks being. it was likely used during recent wildfire city crew working to remove the foam since yesterday. lack like they still have work to do there. >> another check of the weather now on what i trust in the bay area spencer is a foam free forecast. >> you are right. won't be partly foamy here in the bay area. here's a look at live doppler 7hd low clouds inland right now state wide tomorrow across california we have mainly sunny warm conditions at least in the northern two-thirds of the state. low 90's tomorrow in chico sacramento yeast might 93101 at fresno but southern part of the state and interior area still
9:50 pm
may have a few isolate the thunderstorms underscore isolated not wide spread. here in the bay area another mild to warm day tomorrow night not quite so war as today but clos close. we have high on the coast and low mid 60's upper 70's around the bay and mid upper 80's inland probably 90 degree readings tomorrow. here's 7 day forecast by friday we see inland high back up aroped 90 degrees up to about 80 around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. cool down rather sharply over the weekend labor day weekend no rain in sight just few more clouds cooler conditions but pleasant weekend do not change or cancel out door weekend plans. weather faint. >> key sentence there no rain in sight. >> that's right. >> thanks spencer. >> i know you have a lot of baseball highlights but there is a teenager girl at the u.s. open that captured everybody's heart. >> it was unreal. only day 2 of the open as you mention but we have the upset of the tournament tonight. 17-year-old qualifier rank 2 96 in the world former champion packing took her 3 sets but
9:51 pm
packing took her 3 sets but reaction worth the wait.
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. what is the magic number, exact hour when workaholic stop just being good employees and start harming their health? we talk about it in the sports department serious concern. and mind control. this looks like pretty basic lab experiment except it just became a telepathic first. those stories and important coming up at 11:over on channel z.hard working mike tells us now. jim harbaugh anything but risk averse. taking chances when you have a rookie as last line of defense. >> you have it right. 49ers on a dice. free safety top draft choice reid the starter. and reid wasn't drafted fears round to sit on the bench. this advertise a key position on defense and rookie like eric.
9:55 pm
game or 2 early on adjusted speed of the game in the regular season. veteran and eric is up for the challenge. >> i think everybody in the locker room say the same thing but for me is just i say it all the time getting better every day. i try to set a gel for the day. something i miss it yesterday and make it better as a player. >> vikings still a little upset over 49er shot block on starting defensive tackle williams. he did sea it coming and able to leave the game up his own power and mri showed no ligament damage. intentionally tried to injure williams niner coach harbaugh defended his guy day. unfortunate play. i don't think dirty my or intentional. i don't think there was any malice on the part of joe. >> college football kick off this weekend locally san jose host sacramento state theirs
9:56 pm
night saturday at memorial stadium against northwestern. the coach is going with a true freshman at quarterback and golf at marin catholic start first game at quarterback. enrolled this past spring ahead of the curve and ready to roll. >> i'm ready to go and all the waiting around is be up anxiety and stuff and im not really worried or nervous or figure leak this more anxious. >> what we want him to dies what he has done in practice. take care of the football. be accurate. be good leader. stay emotionally calm and stable and steady alls to are reasons that's why we end one starting quarterback. >> second straight over the american league best team. malone the hill facing justin after serve 2 nothing 1st inning league. 3 of the bottom half. keep the eye on the ball under the glove of alberto. allows him to score. in the
9:57 pm
third if the double and moss able to score from sec. we are dade at 3. let's go to the fifth. moss. rain coming dow down. hammer this to left center hits it out of here 22 on the year for brandon. deep if the sixth. solo shot. load the base when tarp come out. never came back off. cocoa crisp inform crack at grand slam. more importantly the a with 6-3 we know to pull with 2 games texas in the west. khipt colonel republican and democrat 0even it game at a pest and the man on here. look at that. clear the bleachers. 2 run shot with the g man next batte batter. sandoval got all that one. dead center. back-to-back jack first time done it all season. 3 nothing after half inning. giants lead 3-2 in the secretary. sanchez rip to right and bell score from second. the throw. not
9:58 pm
even close. and the start tonight here and 6 streak out. first win of the year. 5-3 the time in denver. u.s. open day two federer unfamiliar territory. seeded 7. first round match against greg. rain last tonight. first 2 then worked out trouble in the thir third. swiping forehand volley on match point. move on to state set. sam won by beating serena williams. ousted by 2 96 rank, 17-year-old victoria duval facing top 20 opponent for the first time. first ever win in major in 3 sets born in miami. moved to haiti. until 8. dad survived earthquake there and now takes nothing for granted as a result. >> i don't take anything for granted. you never know what can happen any day my dad is really fortunate to be here. i just trade to stay in the
9:59 pm
moment. i don't know i'm really excited writ now. >> that is what spoyrts all b.under dog knock thing off a champion. just raw emotion. we were in the sports department going she sounds like she's 12 years old. >> exactly. >> just a great great moment. >> 17. maybe 12. >> almost then. >> great moment you can feel the crowd embracing her. great stuff. >> do it for us. for dan and carolyn and all of us here at abc 7 thanks for watching. 7 news lane on twitter face back and all the mobile did he advice for the 7 mobile did he advice for the 7 news
10:00 pm
all right, you're definitely going to get this one, you ready? uh, yeah, i guess. so he shoved it up his (bleep). i have no idea what you're doing. it's christopher walken! sounds like rosie perez or something. come on. now, that was a perfect walken, and it's going to win me the talent show.


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